Getting People To Find You On The Internet

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Everyone wants to be on the Internet.  They want to have a lot of followers, clicks, likes and sales.  However, for the majority of people out there all of their efforts are typically lost because the search engines like Google have buried them deep under miles of digital dust.  This is why many people are turning to seo for franchises in order to remove that dust and shine up their offers.


seo for franchises

The first level is keywords. Keywords come in so many different flavors and positions that they have been clumped into this arbitrary term.  When we look at keywords, many people think it is the keywords that people type into search engines to find other people.  Well, they are right, but it is so much more than that.

Keywords need to have relevancy and give people what they are looking for.  If you just use a keyword because it is popular, and it doesn’t deal with your offer, then that keyword is useless because people are not getting what they want.

Visitor intent

The next thing that you need to focus on is visitor intent.  Most people on the internet are looking specifically for people to whip out their credit card and send them money.  This is not the usual buyer’s intent.  Most people are looking for information and to build trust and relationships.  If they want to go and buy something they will typically go to Amazon or eBay.

So, to win the Internet game you need to develop high quality information and connect it through a funnel that build interest and credibility.  Then, once you have people in your zone, then and only then will they be interested in purchasing from you.

The Internet SEO game isn’t fast, but it will last the longest.  Develop a quality offer and drive traffic with SEO.  Eventually it will pay off much higher than you have ever expected.