Understanding Bond Hearings

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When we commit a crime or we are accused of a crime, we are taken in front of a judge in order to have a bond hearing.  After this we are given a bond that will state the conditions that we need to meet before our trial.  When we are given a bond and need to pay it, contacting bailbonds cleveland will be your first step.

In the judicial system there are different levels of bonds.  A company such as Chuck Brown II Bail Bonds will look at your specific case and determine if they will take on your bond or not.  Here are some of the types of bonds that you may be given or conditions that they will consider.

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Flight Risk

The first criteria that they will look at is if you are a flight risk or not.  How a bondsman works is that they will guarantee that you will show up to court for your trial.  If they feel that you are a flight risk or will just not show up to your trial your bond may not be issued.

Community Connections

What are your connections to the community?  This can be a good thing and a bad thing.  If you have connections to the community then maybe they will ensure that you will go to court and on the other hand, they may aid you in avoiding the law.

Family obligations

Another thing to consider will be your family obligations.  If you have children that are young, and you need to work to support them then that will be taken into consideration.  Do you have a job?  Do you help an elderly person?  All of these situations will help determine what your bond may be.

Past criminal history

Finally, you will want to look at your past criminal activity.  If you have no history or criminal activity or if the crime you are accused of is not that serious your bond will be looked at in a different way.  These are just a few of the criteria that will be taken into consideration when you need to deal with a bondsman.